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LGBT Discrimination in Missouri

According to the Human Rights Campaign website, despite an historic filibuster the Missouri Senate advanced a measure that could enshrine LGBT discrimination into the state constitution.

Despite Historic Filibuster, Missouri Senate Advances Legislative Assault on LGBT People

LGBT Discrimination Legal For Religious Reasons

“Today, HRC, the ACLU of Missouri, and PROMO strongly condemned a vote by the Missouri Senate in favor of Senate Joint Resolution (SJR) 39 – a measure that could enshrine discrimination against LGBT people and their families into the state constitution. Similar to so-called “First Amendment Defense Act” legislation introduced in other states, this outrageous and extreme resolution would lead to a ballot measure that proposes to allow individuals, organizations, and businesses to use religion as a valid excuse to discriminate against LGBT people by broadly redefining the definition of religious organizations. The measure must receive one final administrative approval vote before being sent to the House of Representatives.”

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