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LGBT Discrimination in Missouri

According to the Human Rights Campaign website, despite an historic filibuster the Missouri Senate advanced a measure that could enshrine LGBT discrimination into the state constitution.

Despite Historic Filibuster, Missouri Senate Advances Legislative Assault on LGBT People
LGBT Discrimination Legal For Religious Reasons

“Today, HRC, the ACLU of Missouri, and PROMO strongly condemned a vote by the Missouri Senate in favor of Senate Joint Resolution (SJR) 39 – a measure that could enshrine discrimination against LGBT people and their families into the state constitution.

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Common Personal Injury Types

We found this interesting article about the five most common personal injury types.

The Five Most Common Personal Injury Types

New York, N.Y. The most common types of lawsuits filed every year in the United States are those involving personal injury claims. And even though there are many different forms of personal injury that can occur and that can lead to a lawsuit,

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Divorce Attorney Lessons About Marriage

We found this interesting article from the Huffington Post which talks about divorce attorney lessons learned about marriage and decided to share it with you here.

Divorce Attorney Lessons: 11 Marriage Truths From Divorce Attorneys

“The best source for marriage advice? Divorce attorneys. Before you protest, just think about it: Every day at work they see the types of marital problems that lead otherwise happy couples to split up.

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